Spill Risks: How to Manage

What is Spill Kits?

spill-kits-30-gallonDifferent forms of spill kits solve various problems — and having not the right kind will only develop a larger one! Only at AbsorbentsOnline, we should ensure you’re prepared for such a thing by helping you select the right spill kits for your needs.


The first step in picking spill kits is distinguishing the types of liquids you handle inside center.

In the event that you manage water-based or hydrocarbon non-hazardous fluids (including coolants, solvents, and antifreeze), Universal or general-purpose Kits will offer your needs. These absorbents are generally grey in shade.

If you are managing hydrocarbons just, such oil or fuel, you’ll wish Oil-Only Kits, which feature white absorbents that repel liquid for simple cleaning.

Last but not least, if you’re using the services of hazardous fluids, you’ll need yellow-colored Hazmat Kits, which enable the safe cleaning of hostile fluids like acids and solvents. (Hazmat Kits also absorb water-based fluids and hydrocarbons.)


Once you’ve determined the kinds of kits you need, the next thing is identifying the sizes your kits should be. The answer to this is identifying your worst-case-scenario spill from any single container.


Will your spill kits be saved inside or exterior? Ensure that whatever pots your spill kits are housed in work when it comes to conditions they'll deal with. The sizes of spill kits will also figure out their particular pots; as an example, bagged and container spill kits are convenient for small-volume spills, but larger-volume spills need drums or cellular containers, such as for example wheeled carts.

Unsure which combination of elements is good for your center? We could develop customized spill kits created for your unique needs. It is possible to request various variety of clothes, pads, or cushions than our standard kits feature or request the inclusion of granular absorbents or peat moss. We could even include pick-up pans, brooms, strain covers, and personal protection products.

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