What is a Spill-Resistant

What is a spill?

Firefighters react to a fire during the Adell Co-op.Firefighters respond to a fire at Adell Co-op in southern Sheboygan County.
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Contact information For information regarding the DNR spills program, contact: 715-392-7822

Spill tend to be discharges of hazardous substances that negatively effect, or threaten to adversely influence, person health, benefit and/or environment and require an immediate response.

For detailed information on spill reporting requirements, see Section 292.11, Wis. Stats. [PDF exit DNR] and Chapter NR 706, Wis. Admin. Code [PDF exit DNR].

Your spill is reportable towards the DNR if:

  • there was an effect to human health;
    Note: An evacuation is regarded as a risk to person wellness.
  • there is certainly a direct impact into environment;
    Note: Water for the state includes a hazard or spill into a sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and/or surface liquid.
  • there is a fire, surge or protection hazard;
    Note: A slippery road problem is recognized as your safety hazard.
  • you've got maybe not straight away washed within the spill;
    Note: has actually it evaporated or already been cleansed up in accordance with NR700-726?
  • the spill had been significantly more than the reportable quantities given just below.*

*A dangerous material which "discharged" into a second containment structure, that is totally included and will be restored without discharge into the environment, just isn't susceptible to the discharge notification needs.

Reportable quantities

Should your spill is more versus quantities here, you have to report it into DNR.

Petroleum compounds

  • Petroleum product totally included on an impervious surface.
  • Under 1 gallon of gasoline or light quality petroleum product onto a pervious surface or operates off an impervious surface.
  • Lower than 5 gallons of method or heavy quality petroleum products onto a pervious surface or works off an impervious surface.

Agrichemical substances

  • Lower than 250 weight dried out fertilizer.
  • Under 25 gallons of a liquid fertilizer.
  • Pesticides that could cover under 1 acre of land if applied according to label directions.

Federal reportable amounts

The national reportable quantity for a particular material as outlined when you look at the CERCLA RQ column of Sara Title 3 a number of listings [exit DNR].

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