Formaldehyde Spill Response

Formaldehyde Spill Kits

- An ideal solution for tiny amount substance spills.
User can pick from 5 specific spill control services and products; Acid Handler™, Base Control™, PolyForm-F™, Solvent Handler™, Chlorine Control™ for safe maneuvering of spills.
Consumer can choose suitable Spill control item for a certain threat, providing individual with a Spill Control Kit containing No lost or unnecessary item within Spill system.
Select and build your own spill kit or contact tech support team for support.

SASCO Solidifiers & Neutralizers

  • Solvent Handler™ "Spill process” - a free of charge moving granular product built to decrease the flammability and solidify flammable hydrocarbon solutions supplying a secure method of cleanup.
  • Chlorine Control™ "Spill process” - a specifically created flowable dust made to decrease the pH, neutralizing chlorine solutions and solidifying all of them for a secure non-hazardous clean up.
  • Polyform-F™ "Spill process” - an extremely unique granular product designed to destroy formaldehyde, formaldehyde-based fixatives, glutaraldehyde along with other aldehyde solutions, eliminating the harmful vapors in 2-3 moments. The conclusion product is a non-hazardous biodegradable polymer, making clean and disposal safe and easy without any formaldehyde vapors.

F.A.N. Pad-GL™ Mini, Small & Large - Super absorbent shields, specially treated with Formalex and created for the ultimate destruction of formaldehyde, 10% formalin, and glutaraldehyde solutions. Digests & Neutralizes these aldehyde solutions destroying here harmful Vapors. The safest & most effective method of managing air quality in;
Histology, Pathology, Dermatology, Specimen Transport, Specimen Storage, Biology, Anatomy, Autopsy, Morgue, Endoscopy, G.I. Labs, Operating place, work & Delivery, Research laboratories, and all sorts of the Science Labs

F.A.N. Pad-GL™ “ULTRA” – a completely brand-new & DRY Formaldehyde Absorbent Neutralizer Pad provides, a distinctive Foundation for Specimen Dissection that Absorbs and Neutralizes Formalin, Destroying its Harmful Vapors while dissecting muscle. Built to be dense enough to provide excellent Knife Suppression, However smooth adequate to decrease wear on dissecting blades.

F.A.N. Pad-GL™ “ULTRA-SHIPPER” – A Revolutionary Transport Insert Pad
Forget about Vapors from leaking or damaged formalin pre-filled specimen bins.
Now you can Ship & Receive formalin Specimen Containers with certainty.

Polyform-F™ Formaldehyde Spill Control - a free-flowing granule spill control item designed for the safe and fast control over harmful vapors from formaldehyde, 10% formalin, glutaraldehyde as well as other aldehydes, including formaldehyde-phenol based embalming solutions. Once Polyform-F is applied, harmful vapors are eradicated in 2-3 minutes.

SafeCubeDispenser™ - lessen the chance of accidental drips, falls and spills. Provides five-gallon additional containment to keep accidental releases and includes an audible liquid recognition alarm whenever a leak happens. This ultimate workstation is great for filling smaller pots and saving solutions, ie; 10per cent formalin, formaldehyde embalming solutions, alcoholic beverages, reagents, & disinfectants.

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