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30 gallon spill kitsOur 30 Gallon Drum Spill Response system is one of our top selling spill kits. Form great price we have with this spill kit, it's also the right dimensions spill system for many industrial, retail and marine people.

It is good sensation to know you have made the best decision while having adequate absorbents readily available in the event a drum is knocked over or a tank is punctured. In the event that spill is moving towards an open drain or discover an accidental spill on liquid, you know you are covered because this spill kit digests to 25+ gallons of substance.

Tough, Sturdy Container Protects Contents.

The absorbents tend to be contained in a brilliant, highly visible protection yellowish container. This spill kit container seals and protects the absorbents from water, dust and damage. It is very durable, UV safeguarded and made of 100% HDPE. It won't rust and is deterioration free

Fast, Easy Access to Absorbents.
The screw off lid permits quickly, immediate access to the contents. You not only have all you need to connect the spill (absorbent shields, clothes and pillows) but additionally gloves and protection googles to assist protect the person clearing up the spill. Disposal bags with ties are included to complete the cleanup.

The universal or general purpose (grey) kind kit is for liquid based liquids, natural oils and coolant. The white, oil-only spill kits absorb hydrocarbons only and repel liquid. The oil only absorbents are great for outdoors use, on water and for marine programs. The yellow hazmat kits absorb all fluids, tend to be 100per cent polypropylene consequently they are best for intense liquids like acids and basics (check before buying if they are appropriate for all of the chemicals at your location).

Refill Kits, Savings and Custom Kits Available
Refill kits containing exact same articles as your original system are priced below. Refill your utilized system or use your very own container.

Quick Summary

  • UN and DOT authorized
  • Digests 25+ gallons per system
  • Yellowish polyethylene container is extremely visible.
  • Screw-on lid with gasket for a positive seal - quick access
  • Weatherproof
  • Drum has actually UV inhibitors and is chemical resistant to most materials.
  • Can help you comply with EPA/DOT
  • Many absorbents for spills to 25 gallons
  • Safety items included such as gloves and goggles.
  • Refill system available
  • FOB Closest Warehouse
  • Typically vessels in 24 to 48 hours
  • Contents of 30 Gallon Spill Kit
  • 25 – heavy weight super absorbent shields
  • 4 - Absorbent clothes (3"x8 base) or based upon stock 8 – 3”x4 base.
  • 4 – big absorbent Pillows (18”x18”)
  • 1 - Set Goggles
  • 1 - Pair Nitrile Gloves
  • 5 - Disposal bags with ties
  • 1 – Spill kit instruction sheet
  • Empty drums available in the market also. Contact us for rates.
  • Order these days and conserve. Protect Yourself. Have actually spill kits on hand. 100per cent satisfaction assured.

    Technical Tips

    Drum size external – diameter 23"x level 30"
    DOT approved X-rated 30 gallon Over Pack - DOT 49 CFR 173.12(b). May be used with packing teams l, ll & lll of dangerous materials.
    UN Rating 1H2/X120/S
    Digests 25 Gallons (amount absorbed is approximate - differs due to liquid kind)

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