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Diesel Spill Kits

PIG® gas facility Spill Kit in OverpackFeuding with outside spills of fuel, diesel, jet gasoline or kerosene? PIG gas Station Spill Kits would be the just kits designed designed for gasoline countries — they generate safe reaction and cleanup as simple and safe as you are able to. These kits are filled with static-dissipative PIG Absorbents, PPE and more cleanup tools. Our Fuel facility Kit in UV-resistant Bucket shops right at a fuel island for fast reaction. Pick a Spill Kit in Cart to wheel rapidly to spills.

  • Absorbs to 8.2 gal.
  • Container Kind - Container
  • UN1H2/Y40/S
  • Digests as much as 13.8 gal.
  • Container Type - Wheeled Cellphone
  • Digests around 41.7 gal.
  • Container Kind - Overpack
  • UN1H2/Y345/S
  • Absorbs around 3.6 gal.
  • Container Type - Lightweight Case
  • Container Kind - Cabinet
  • Container Type - Container

Our difficult, grime-hiding PIG Fuel facility Spill Kits will be the only ones specifically made for fueling channels to safely clean up gasoline, diesel, jet gas and kerosene. These kits are full of anti-static PIG Absorbent Mats and Socks that pass NFPA99 standards for fixed decay and surface resistivity — plus PIG Loose Absorbent, PPE, caution tape and cleaning tools. Stash all of them in marinas, garages, commercial services, military web sites, airports, tanker terminals, construction websites, production facilities and remote functions for quick reaction. Choose from our UN ranked poly container or overpack container, a rugged duffel bag or wall-mount case that safeguards contents from harsh climate.

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