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What is in a Spill Kit?

Spill kits are like an initial aid kit for a spill, having one could help save you from a bigger mess and hundreds or even 1000s of dollars. It keeps waterways and earth neat and unpolluted. From production facilities, gas stations, loading dock and big rigs there are plenty places to help keep a spill system on hand. A spill kit in your home garage or work shop can aid the house owner in clearing up the task area in the eventuality of a spill. In a warehouse where a fork raise can puncture a drum or tote a spill kit can help to save time and money by rapidly containing the spill. There's a size to match every need, if you should be not sure what's needed, call us therefore we will allow you to get the right services and products to match your issues.

The expense of having an ecological cleaning contractor could be necessary if the spill is large or gets out of hand, however for tiny problems be prepared and get and keep a spill system.


Spill Kits come in numerous sizes and shapes from a small affordable throwaway kit to a tote size in casters. A basic tiny system may have a few absorbent socks and some absorbent shields. The shields and socks are white for hydrocarbons (essential oils & gas) grey for all spills also liquid; after that yellow for chemical spills. For the larger kits we add huge growth in place of socks. The white shields, socks and increase float plus don't pick up liquid so that they are excellent for clean in or about water.

You can find often several plugging and patching products included with kit to use to cease a rip, tear or puncture. By using this technique to cease a leak never transfer if you don't have additional containment in place. We utilize lumber plugs, golf shirts and a product known as Plug-n-Dike. Plug-n-Dike sticks to dirty oily surfaces to end leaks from turning to spills. Ultra-Sorb is a diatomaceous planet that is used to absorb spills and when swept around picks up on asphalt and cement.

All our kits include safety gloves, spectacles and a containment bag with a zip wrap for collecting the used product. If you're uncertain something required contact us and we will be pleased to help you to get exactly what you will need.


Shop and maintain your Spill Kit in a location that is very noticeable and simple to get at, while you would a fire-extinguisher. In case of a spill open the system and put in your security gloves and specs. Very first, you will need to stop the spill if possible, upright the container or connect the hole with the wood plugs or Plug-Dike from system.

Use the sock (a 3″x4′ lengthy absorbent) to encircle the production, after that make use of the absorbent shields to soak up spill. Avoid walking on or going inside spill area. Keep consitently the release from any water, should this be extremely hard call for more assistance. Exchange the pads and sock because they become over loaded and place when you look at the containment bag supplied.

If spill is on asphalt or tangible make use of the case of Ultra-Sorb to obtain on the small cracks and crevices. If you're finished with the clean-up placed all the items combined with made use of gloves to the containment bag and zip tie it. Consult with your neighborhood regional legal guidelines regarding disposal.

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