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Environmental Spill Kits

Bowhead did with this manufactures to produce you the best spill kits available on the market at low prices and fast lead times. We have the spill kit for your special needs and will also build custom kits for large quantity requests.

Bag spill kits are excellent for fleet automobiles and to strategically spot around smaller services. Our overpack spill kits are ideal for responding to larger spills or in which spills tend to be more common. Bowhead's specialty spill kits tend to be for taking in just what a normal spill system cannot, including mercury and battery pack acid.

Bag Spill Kits

Bagged spill kits are superb for responding to small and medium-sized spills. They have been loaded full with all the absorbent products and PPE necessary to successfully manage cleaning of nearly every spill. Kits are available in numerous sizes with oil-only, universal or hazmat absorbent products.
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Poly Container Spill Kits

Our overpack spill kits are made to respond to method and large spills and have absorbent socks, pillows, PPE and free absorbent. These kits enable large services to quickly clean spills before they can pose a safety risk.
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Specialty Spill Kits

Bowhead has specialty spill kits for the cleaning of mercury, electric battery acid or any other applications. These kits help keep your work location safe which help lower contamination.
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Spill System Refills

As soon as your spill kit becomes depleted order our refills to renew what has been used so that you're always ready the inevitable accidents. Our refill kits never range from the initial container and reusable PPE gear, but contain all throwaway absorbents in initial kits.

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