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Oil spill Kits contents

hazmat spill kit bagThe 5 gallon Spill Kit is an all-inclusive product designed to keep absorbents and spill equipment available for emergencies. Small spill kits are for spill cleaning response, and can include multiple services and products including absorbents, protection goggles, storage space bins and disposal bags. Our transportable spill kits permit you to keep products readily available for easy cleaning and appropriate disposal.

Models: Oil Only (White) - Haz-Mat (Yellow) - Universal (Gray)

Canvas Bag 5 Gallon Spill system: We offer 5 gallon vinyl case spill kits in all three models: oil just, haz-mat, and basic upkeep models. 5 gallon case kits have zippers for protected storage and simple access and have many different spill absorbent items.

Bucket 5 Gallon Spill Kits: Each kit has a screw on latch tight safety lid. All three forms of spill absorbant models can be found (oil only, hazmat, and general upkeep). Items of 5 gallon bucket spill kits are often slightly diverse from 5 gallon bag spill kits for various absorbent requirements.

Vinyl Bag 5 Gallon Spill Kit: Vinyl case 5 gallon spill kits are available in universal, oil only, and hazmat designs for simple storage and fast spill cleanup. They often contain clothes and shields for small scale spill cleaning. They're ideal for any business, college, or center to stay in conformity with neighborhood and national regulations.

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Stay Made with Kraken Portable Spill Kits

Spill kits tend to be a typical choice for areas in risk of spills, leakages or drips. Their particular compact storage space and easy accessibility made all of them a well liked for services looking to keep their particular site in compliance with local or national laws. Oil spill system contents feature oil only absorbents which are made with properties that allow all of them to absorb oil and hydrocarbons without taking in any liquid. Biohazard spill kit items have haz-mat absorbents that handle all forms of hostile and non aggressive fluids. General crisis spill kit contents consist of universal absorbents that will take in all hostile and non hostile liquids.

Typical Spill Kit Applications:

  • Cleaning for Land or Water Based Spills
  • Crisis Preparation for Accidental Spills
  • Perfect for Work vehicles, Warehouses, Job websites and more

Tiny Spill System Benefits:

  • Refill Kits Available
  • Offers a number of choices for Spill Cleanup
  • Keeps Items Stored off the beaten track for later on Use
  • Provides Quick reaction in case of a Spill
  • Placed in Marinas, Piers, and Ports internationally
  • Oil Spill Absorbents are for Land or liquid Use

Portable Spill Kit Articles

Spill kit articles vary, but typically 5 gallon lightweight spill kits have clothes, pads, and a disposal bag. If standard small spill kits cannot suit your needs, products are available for individual acquisition, or custom kits can be arranged.

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Oil spill Kits
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