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Mercury is a major element of dental care amalgam; the material employed by dentists to fill irregular cavities in teeth. Mercury is highly toxic to both humans and pets and contains already been recognised as a possible health hazard to dental care personnel for several years.

Fluid at room-temperature, mercury is very suitable to make alloys with other metals without the necessity for heating. This indicates it is easily vaporised at room-temperature, with breathing through lungs the main route of publicity. Publicity can also happen through direct epidermis connection with mercury, mercury-containing substances or contaminated gear.

Mercury vapour is colourless, odourless and tasteless so visibility goes fairly undetected. The mercury-vapour passes through lungs into the blood and moves round the human anatomy, getting consumed to the body organs. Contact with mercury-vapour may result in some ailments eg problems for the central nervous system and neurological disorders.

The threat of exposure to mercury vapour happens to be recognised by the World Health organization who possess put a work-related visibility restriction of 50 ug/m3. Medical and Safety Executive have halved that figure for the UNITED KINGDOM to 25 ug/m3. The worth offered is time-weighted and therefore relates to the full total exposure over an eight-hour performing duration.

Preliminary health offer a mercury spillage kit to facilitate dental workers when controling mercury spills in a safe and effective way.

  • Mercury aspirator syringe
  • Scrapers & Dampening squirt
  • Amalgamating powder
  • Collection sponges
  • Defensive aprons & nitrile gloves
  • Caution tape

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