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Industrial Spill Kits

  • Step-by-step illustrated Crisis Response guidelines
  • an ample mix of snakes and booms to manage a number of spills
  • A big method of getting universal shields and pillows
  • Tall temp disposal bags to discard soaked shields and cushions
  • a sufficient availability of protective gloves
  • A PLUS 5 gallon container of Oil Eater® Cleaner & Degreaser

Oil Eater® 95 Gallon Industrial Duty Spill Kit

Oil Eater® 95 Gallon Industrial Duty Spill Kit is designed to provide employees aided by the products and guidelines needed to contain spills. Assists your online business meet OSHA, EPA and DOT needs.

Oil Eater® 65 Gallon Industrial Duty Spill Kit

We’ve designed Oil Eater® 65 Gallon Industrial Duty system for mid-sized individual. This spill kit could be the economic choice to help you meet OSHA, EPA and DOT needs. Keep one on hand in several regions of your operation to make certain a fast and efficient response.

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