Major Oil Spill Occurs in

Why do oil spills occur?

Normal disasters, particularly hurricanes, also cause oil spills, in accordance with KidzWorld. However, more often than not, people are those which spill oil in to the sea, whether intentionally or inadvertently. Oil spills tend to be damaging to pets in a variety of ways. Birds pass away whenever their particular feathers get coated in oil, while they become poisoned when they attempt to clean their particular feathers. Additionally, animals pass away because hypothermia, which causes themselves temperature to drop to a very low level. Oil also can poison pets by entering their particular lungs or liver. Another harmful effect of oil spill occurs when it gets into the eyes of creatures who is able to then not watch out for predators.

According to HowStuffWorks, the sources of oil spills are supertankers, offshore oil drilling rigs, seaside storage facilities and underwater pipelines. Whenever an oil spill happens, oil produces a millimeter-thick slick that floats on liquid. In the course of time, the oil spreads out and becomes slimmer until it becomes a widespread sheen regarding liquid.

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