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By Brett VandenHeuvel, Executive Director of Columbia Riverkeeper

The oil business features a unique job creation strategy—oil spills! Officials from the condition of Washington lifted issues in regards to the financial impacts of oil spills from nation’s biggest oil-by-rail terminal that oil-giant Tesoro would like to build from the Columbia River. But Tesoro smacked down those concerns for “fail[ing] to recognize economic activity that could be created by spill response.”

Yes! An oil spill in the Columbia River could cause countless ducks, herons, and eagles covered with oil—somebody needs to wash them. We don’t know how to clean oil off juvenile salmon, but maybe Tesoro could pioneer seafood washing also. After that you can find jobs of losing the carcasses of dead salmon and otters, including hazard pay money for stench.

Tesoro’s specialist, Dr. Todd Schatzki, offered the next to Washington Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (I’m maybe not causeing this to be up):

“whenever a spill does occur, brand new economic activity happens to clean-up polluted areas, remediate affected properties, and provide equipment for cleanup tasks. Anecdotal research from present spills implies that such activity possibly be huge.”

13767376_10154454606624165_3180130243491790381_oFootnote: “A recent spill in Santa Barbara, Ca generated over 700 brand new short-term roles. The BP Deepwater Horizon spill led to a straight larger rise in work and economic activity, with work of approximately 25, 000 employees.”

Indeed, yes, yes! thank-you Tesoro. We are able to fare better than that Santa Barbara pipeline drip. We’re choosing Deepwater Horizon-level jobs! A spill from your oil supertankers will use thousands of people. Tesoro could offer oil cleaning tasks to your anglers whom lose their livelihoods. Because Pacific Northwest is trading a lot of money to save salmon, we will maybe not skimp on necessary soap, booms, and shovels for the Columbia—a windfall for our regional shops.

Plus the financial advantages don’t stop there. Tesoro intends to provide crude to its delivery terminal on dangerous oil trains, possibly across the same route whilst the current derailment and explosion in Mosier, Oregon. Another derailment will generate jobs for first responders, firefighters, and college evacuators.

While Tesoro’s specialist report reads like a satire, it's sadly genuine. When up against questions about the commercial damage from oil spills, Tesoro desperately tips on benefits of oil spills (do not get me personally started on Tesoro’s fisheries specialist who stated oil spills are great for salmon populations because individuals will stop fishing). Yes, we want jobs, yet not at the expense of our present economic climate while the safety and health of your individuals. The oil monster Tesoro is out of touch because of the values of your area: clean water, healthier communities, and a sustainable economy.

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