Spill Oil

Antarctic oil spill

Antarctic oil spill

About 2, 500 penguins en route to their Antarctic mating grounds could be sickened by a diesel gas spill from a cruise vessel that hit an iceberg and sank the other day, Chilean experts stated Friday. Places surrounding the mile-long spill site consist of reproduction grounds for Antarctic and Adelia penguins, additionally the largest mating colony for Papua penguins, said…

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Oil spills information

Oil spills information

Original Oil Painting on canvas 30 x 40 inches. This painting was done on location before a hurricane reached shore. The emotion of incrediable cloud formations and the smell of an approaching storm was overwhelming. The location here was being scouted for an outdoor painting workshop at a later date. I paint many studies in Key West, living half of the year in Miami it is…

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BP oil spill government Response

BP oil spill government Response

This report because of the National Commission from the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling shows the very first time in which that 5, barrel-a-day figure originated from. a government scientist devised that figure, also it became the administration s operating estimation for four weeks — and even though, according to the report, there is no sign that the…

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