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Hydrofluoric Acid spill

If greater than one liter of Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) is spilled outside of a substance bonnet:

  • Evacuate the location;
  • Close the doorways;
  • Post the region with a sign to avoid others from entering; and
  • Alert the University Police at 123 or 773.702.8181.

Laboratory staff can cleanup spills not as much as one liter of HF inside a substance fume bonnet by containing the spillage and carefully neutralizing the spill using:

  • magnesium sulfate (dry);
  • Calcium carbonate;
  • Calcium hydroxide; or
  • A commercial HF spill system.

DO NOT proceed with the basic instructions outline in procedures. HF is exclusive and publicity can be lead to really serious injury or demise.

DO NOT use vermiculite to absorb spills. It may cause an effect, that may cause the generation of harmful gases.

a lab specific crisis reaction plan should be created and reviewed with each laboratory occupant before they may be able utilize HF.

Body Contact

The following first aid treatments will probably be initiated for skin contact:

  1. Immediately go to the closest emergency shower and flush affected area for at least a quarter-hour;
  2. Remove all contaminated clothing while in the shower;
  3. Utilize calcium gluconate gel toward area asap; and
  4. Contact the University Police at 123 or 773.702.8181 for medical attention.

Note: calcium gluconate must be available when working with HF.

Those that aid HF victims must certanly be careful to not ever contaminate by themselves and wear appropriate PPE while assisting after an HF visibility.

Eye Contact

Listed here medical processes will be started for attention contact:

  1. Instantly proceed to the closest eyewash or sink even though holding the eyelids start, flush the eyes for at least 15 minutes with large amounts of water; and


The following first-aid processes shall be initiated for intake:

  1. First, dilute the acid by giving large volumes of liquid;
  2. Offer several glasses of milk or several ounces of milk of magnesia or eight to twelve Tums® or Rolaids®;
  3. Contact the University Police at 123 or 773.702.8181 for medical assistance;
  4. Do NOT induce sickness; and
  5. Never offer everything by mouth to an involuntary or convulsing person.


The following medical procedures will be started for inhalation:

  1. Remove prey to oxygen; and

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