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This small body liquids spill kit happens to be especially designed to guard against risks that will nevertheless be contained in blood, vomit or any other human anatomy fluids.

Body fluid and blood borne pathogens are a constant threat if you don't taken care of correctly. a task of treatment requires having proper products accessible to properly clean-up a body liquid spill. Making it possible for one to protect your self along with your staff, ZeoMed spill kits come filled with all you need to have an effective spill administration system. ZeoMed spill kits have already been built to meet illness control and secure Perform Australian Continent guidelines

This body fluids spill kit is packaged in a tight box, well suited for transport, vehicles and mobile medical. It really is useful for hospitals, medical care services, diligent transport, veterinary clinics, health centres, elderly treatment, nursing homes.

The lightweight human anatomy liquids spill kit is supplied in a sealed, useful compact package and possesses appropriate private protective equipment (PPE) for employees / spill responders to wait the spill properly. This spill kit also incorporates ZeoMed powder – a vital element that digests spills and eliminates odours.

Spill kits can be found in a comprehensive array of sizes and types assure a fit for function spill kit is on hand to aid minimise threat and satisfy ecological obligations.

Qty Description
Breathing apparatus with attention guard
Polyethylene apron
Nitrile gloves – set (huge)
Zeomed absorbent powder – 200g sachet
Information and scraper
Yellowish medical waste case with tie
Antiseptic hand towelette
Absorbent cleaning fabric

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