Oil spills impact on the ocean

jonathan r. cilley united states. coast guard marine photobankFrom 1970 to 2009, roughly 5, 65 million a lot of oil happens to be spilt in marine oceans. Oil spilled are a variety of materials, like crude oil and refined petroleum services and products eg diesel gasoline or gasoline (statistics just feature shipping spills that took place accidently). These numbers don't add oil spills of not as much as 7 000 tonnes, which means that the actual amount of oil spilt up to December 2009 is more than 5, 65 million tons. By Hermien Roelvert

Thank goodness, the number of oil spills has declined at a steady rate from 1970 as yet. Even though this is great development, it really is however using its toll on the marine environment if you believe of this strain the sea must withstand as a result of other designs of air pollution (including sewage and toxic waste) and over fishing or weather modification...

Whenever we consider an oil spill, we imagine pictures of oil-covered penguins being cleaned by volunteers. But that is regrettably not the degree of this damaging impact that oil slicks have regarding marine environment. Apart from the many furry animals like penguins and seals that drown this is why devastating event, other seafood and sea birds in addition come quick.linda schonknecht marine photobank Marine animals can experience in many different techniques caused by oil in liquid. Apart from drowning and suffocation, creatures and fish can become poisoned or digest some of the oil which could cause slow and painful deaths.

In 2000 the world saw the greatest coastal bird crisis due to the MV Treasure sinking 8km off Table Bay between Dassen and Robben Island, oiling more than 20 000 African penguins. A massive capture of non-oiled penguins was launched in conjunction with the rehabilitation of the oiled penguins, and this resulted in 19 500 penguins being successfully relocated without oil contamination. (The number of African penguins worldwide is estimated at 180 000 and this number is becoming less and less). More than 90% of the oiled birds were rehabilitated and released. According to the International Bird Rescue Research Centre, the logistics on caring for over 20 000 birds was monumental. The penguins consumed over 400 tonnes of fish, and furthermore, 7 000 tonnes of beach sand was brought in for the temporary pens and 302 25-litre jugs of soap were used in the cleaning process. The rehabilitation efforts lasted for more that 12 weeks and the total cost of this spill operation amounted to more than R50 million. The scary part is that the MV Treasure spilled only 1 300 tonnes of bunker oil...

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