BP oil spill skimmers

Oil spill Skimmers

Elastec Oil Skimmers are among the best oil spill data recovery systems worldwide. Created for rapid reaction and simple use, we are able to provide the perfect oil skimming system to meet your needs.

Tested at OHMSETT

OHMSETT is an investigation and evaluation center for oil spill data recovery equipment. Companies have their gear tested to ensure that claims about data recovery price and efficiency tend to be precise. Elastec offers certified test results for oil spill reaction businesses to make use of within their response calculations. View the following video clip for more information on the OHMSETT facility.

Just how our oil skimmers work

Elastec provides several kinds of skimmers. You could select drum type, disk or weir, dependent on oil conditions. Due to the fact discs or drifting drums turn, oil adheres to the surface separating it through the liquid. Skimmed oil is then drained into the collection trough where it is pumped or sucked off to a remote containment location. Around the globe, our skimmers have proven their dependability and versatility in a number of conditions. Select from our total range or keep in touch with our engineers about gear to suit your needs. Techniques can be found in pneumatic, diesel or energy. A test kit / model can be obtained. We provide a very long time drum warranty.

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