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Oil spill Response Southampton

Our folks are professionals within their particular fields - extremely experienced and competent in the crucial procedures needed for advising and promoting consumers in oil spill preparedness and reaction.

We have been devoted to attracting, establishing and energising the most effective folks, recognising all of them are people and providing all of them with challenging and fulfilling opportunities private growth.

We created an OPITO-Approved Competency control program which we use to handle the technical competence development of our staff in readiness and response roles from novice to higher level. This addresses initial four to five years of a technical job in OSRL.

The system is centered around a set of competency standards that are linked to OSRL job functions. Everybody which joins the organisation in a technical part joins a Spill Responder Course.

The Spill Responder Course is an extensive 12-week programme which takes recently hired staff and turns all of them into competent spill responders. We achieve this through a blend of class and useful training delivered by OSRL professionals.

Our Spill Responder program is exclusive on the market and enables brand-new responders the chance to take advantage of our three years of experience in giving an answer to incidents world-wide.

Upon conclusion for the Spill Responder program as well as the connected competency standard, technical staff then follow 1 of 2 paths – reaction or Consultancy. The competency standards created for each track have considerable overlap in core technical elements, enabling staff to modify tracks because they move around the organisation and help our customers in various roles.

Beyond the work roles in your Competency Management System, our staff can apply their particular technical abilities in several roles. Numerous staff transfer to supervisory and managerial positions; other people begin to develop specialised knowledge and expertise in particular procedures – for instance shoreline reaction or surveillance, modeling and visualisation (SMV).

OSRL is rolling out a framework allowing united states to manage the development of deep technical expertise in these specialised procedures, giving individuals room to become subject material experts and as a result causing furthering knowledge internally plus the broader business. In fact, we trained and ready many professionals for industry, with 40percent of our staff members just who leave OSRL, joining member companies

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