Latest oil spill incident

Oil spill incident

Two huge spills (>700 tonnes) were taped for 2015. Both releases of oil happened as a result of a collision. The very first, in Singapore in January, led to a spill of around 4, 500 tonnes of crude oil and the second in chicken in Summer led to a spill of around 1, 400 tonnes of naphtha. ITOPF provided technical guidance towards vessels' insurers both in incidents.

For the past three and a half decades the typical amount of situations concerning big oil spills from tankers has reduced increasingly and because 2010 stands at about 1.8 large oil spills per year.

Six method spills (for example. between 7 and 700 tonnes) of varied natural oils were additionally taped for 2015 including cargoes of asphalt, naphtha and slurry oil, plus bunker fuels. Whilst it is a little greater than the typical of medium sized spills for this decade, it's still far underneath the averages for earlier decades.

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