Oil Spill Meets Match with

Hair mats for oil spills

The newest fashion in tresses salons from Harvest, Ala., to Kalamazoo, Mich., features nothing at all to do with what's left on the head. It really is what's remaining on to the floor that counts.

Hair will be collected to assist combat the massive Gulf oil spill, CBS Information Correspondent John Blackstone reports.

"Hair is one of the most absorbent materials online, " one Texan stylist said.

In bay area, personal locks demonstrated its effectiveness for an oil spill cleanup in 2007 whenever a ship went to the Bay Bridge and began leaking oil.

Whenever 58, 000 gallons of gasoline oil spilled from the container ship Cosco Busan, volunteers headed on shores armed with mats made from peoples hair. Hair mats that assimilated the gluey globs of oil originated from a non-profit, Matter of Trust, run by Lisa Gautier.

"i have already been affectionately known as the crazy tresses woman, " Gautier said.

Gautier is gathering tresses for just this purpose for a decade.

But since word of the woman deliveries towards Gulf got out on the online world, the company she operates from the woman dining area table is overrun by calls and emails. From unique salons to animal groomers, they've been registering to outline tresses, and up to 450, 000 weight from it have poured in.

The bins piled-up facing Gautier's house are simply the beginning. The majority of the tresses is now becoming transported to directly to warehouses near the Gulf.

Everywhere volunteers were enrolling to stuff the donated locks into plastic stockings, creating hair booms.

"You're likely to grab at the least four to five quarts of oil" with one huge increase, matter-of Trust's John Thurston said.

The booms have not been implemented in Gulf, nevertheless the energy has already been effective in a single method. Thousands just who thought helpless in the face of this disastrous spill are in possession of ways to assist.

To learn more about Matter of Trust or to find out how to make a donation, visit

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