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Skimmers for oil spills

Skimmers in many cases are used in conjunction with booms. A skimmer is a tool that collects and removes oil from surface associated with the liquid. Skimmers are towed, self-propelled, moored in lake currents, or made use of from shore. Many types of skimmers are for sale to use, according to the types of oil spilled as well as the weather conditions.

Weir skimmers work like a dam. Oil moves over a wall and accumulates on the reverse side. Oleophilic (oil drawing) skimmers attract oil with devices, disks, or mop stores in order to only press or clean the oil regarding them. Suction skimmers work such as your family vacuum cleaner. They suck the oil up from the water surface and shop it in a tank like vacuum pressure bag. But draining one of these brilliant things out is an easy method bigger work than simply throwing down a full vacuum cleaner case!


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