On 15 April 2014, BP claimed

Gulf of Mexico oil spill 2014

But also for numerous fisherman over the Gulf, despite constantly and money spent to try and heal the location, enduring effects are nevertheless taking their cost. The Gulf Coast's oyster communities, home to about two-thirds of United states supply, have been around in decrease because the spill.

Byron Encalade, a fisherman along the Gulf Coast, joined HuffPost Live's Josh Zepps to go over the continuous effects associated with the spill.

"you need to begin to recovery, we haven't began to recuperate." he stated. "We're 4 many years out today, therefore we haven't saw the very first indication, and a lot of for the companies, I know my business is at a 100 percent reduction. At this time we're solely relying on BP to keep it is word, some thing they haven't been doing. The oysters aren't recovering."

But BP states oyster populations were not influenced by the spill, providing this comment to HuffPost Live:

"several sources of information suggest that oil and dispersant substances didn't affect oyster populations this year following the spill occured. A Louisiana report from 2010 after the spill states that 'no direct oiling of sampled reefs had been noted during annual sampling of community oyster seed reasons in Louisiana. Field records from 2010, 2011 and 2012 NRD sampling to not document one visibly oiled oyster sleep.'"

But Encalade stated which couldn't be more from truth.

"Well, I'm going to state this, and Jesus knows that i am tired of being politically correct: BP's lying." he said. "I became online on that watercraft ... that's one of the primary lies previously informed."

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