Aerial shot of Gulf Coast oil

Gulf Coast oil spill

The surge of Transocean's Deepwater Horizon, an oil-rig licensed to BP, set in motion a string of unfortunate occasions that generated BP's ruptured oil really disgorging countless gallons of oil into the gulf coast of florida. Since the spill, the organization picture of BP is severely challenged. The business has utilized numerous methods of preserve and restore the corporate picture, and has now tried methods to mitigate the power associated with the continuous danger to people, organizations, and a delicate ecosystem. Among these means tend to be reaching individuals and interest groups through social media marketing channels. concept of image restoration discourse posits different methods corporations use to restore their picture during a crisis. The BP crisis gift suggestions an opportunity to expand the theories of image restoration into the realm of social media marketing. Outcomes of a content evaluation indicated that corrective activity was the dominant image restoration strategy used by BP in their Twitter, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr pages. A high presence of bad feelings revealed that corrective activity was not a powerful means of swaying public opinion and only BP's attempts. Dominant motifs in most four social networking networks and audience comments when it comes to principal problems and feelings on Twitter and YouTube had been also reviewed.


► a material evaluation of BP's social networking networks was carried out during the Gulf Coast oil spill. ► ‘Corrective action’ ended up being the dominant picture repair method employed by BP. ► Dominant motif ended up being ‘BP's reaction attempts’ while prominent emotion ended up being basic. ► ‘Personal attacks’ and ‘Boycott BP’ were the dominant market problems on Facebook and YouTube, correspondingly. ► The principal market emotion was negative.


  • Image restoration discourse;
  • Social media;
  • BP;
  • Gulf Coast oil spill

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