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Gulf War oil spill

Accountable celebration: Iraq

Price: $540 million (est)

In 1991, Iraqi soldiers fleeing Kuwait opened the valves on sea-island oil rig when you look at the Persian Gulf. They did it, presumably, as a military technique to prevent opponent ships from docking. No-one could access the rig to connect the leak or study the influence for some time because of the military conflict. "Everybody was afraid to go there and study it, " says the Harte Research Institute's Wes Tunnel. "A lot of us scientists are not accustomed bullets when we're performing our studies."

A study taken after the spill estimated it can cost $540 million to wash the Saudi shore, which will have made it one of the more costly spills to clean, nevertheless federal government just allotted funds to high-priority places. It's ambiguous exactly how much they actually invested.

It absolutely was mom of spills, although Persian Gulf has cozy, salty water with very little wildlife, claims Tunnell, and so the environment might have been well-suited to absorb oil.

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