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Mercury Spill Kits

You can find three straight ways to help keep Mercury from the health Waste-Stream:
• Use alternative products which do not consist of mercury whenever you can.
• individual mercury-containing products before they get into the incineration wastestream.
• Recycle mercury-containing services and products whenever possible to help keep mercury out of the environment.

Healthcare AERC is a full-service mercury recycling company dedicated to establishing and utilizing the recycling technologies of the future. Following the edict associated with EPA and AHA, AERC have joined forces with several hospitals to ascertain guidelines the cost-effective, safe, and eco sound reduced amount of mercury and mercury-containing devices in the healthcare business.​

AERC's Superior Recycling Technologies Ensure listed here Benefits:
• total compliance with all Federal, State and Local regulations.
• Completely Permitted Center - PADEP Dangerous Waste Recycling Allow.
• 5 years of fluorescent lamp recycling and over twenty years of dangerous waste knowledge.
• total in-house processing (no subcontractors).
• 100percent recycling and reuse of elemental mercury, devices, and lamps
(no elements or residuals are landfilled).
• AERC's criteria satisfy or exceed industry standards for security and manufacturing health.
• reassurance through limited liability.

Successfully changing to a mercury- no-cost facility requires essential targets:
• a company dedication to eliminate or lessen the use of mercury and mercury-containing products.
• an agenda of action needs to be created which reflects an uncompromising dedication to be mercury-free.
• constant application of this intend to notice it through completion and ensure correct implementation.

To realize these goals, AERC offers the after recycling methods to your mercury-free commitment:

Thermometers and Mercury Containing Devices​
If not correctly recycled, mercury may not be effectively taken out of products such as thermometers, blood circulation pressure devices, esophageal products, Cantor and Miller Abbot pipes along with other mercury-containing instruments.​

​Fluorescent, HID & various other Lighting Devices
AERC offers a recycling technology that distinguishes mercury-containing lights to their main elements, recovers mercury, and recycles 100percent of end services and products. We accept traditional straight, U- shaped and coated fluorescent, mercury-vapor, high-pressure salt, material halide, ultraviolet, ARC and compact fluorescent lamps. We Could additionally work with you with ballast recycling.​

Battery recycling shields types from heavy metal and rock contamination. AERC allows various types of electric batteries: mercuric oxide, gold oxide, NICAD, alkaline, lithium metal, nickel material hydride, lithium ion and lead acid.​​

Mercury Spill Kits & Revenue​
To promote security in the eventuality of a mercury spill, AERC provides Mercury Spill Kits for tiny event clean-ups. Our Mercury Spill Kits may be tailored to business requirements and familiar with manage dental amalgam programs. In addition, AERC can supply DOT-approved pails (ranging in size from 1-5 gallons) for use as secure collection vessels for your thermometers, batteries and other mercury-containing devices.​

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