Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste Spill Kit

  • For details about the hazards of the spilled medicine, contact the location pharmacy or make use of the Pharmacy-sponsored Micromedex website (micromedex.mc.duke.edu).
  • As much as possible, spills of LIQUID hazardous medications will likely to be managed by staff members in the area for the spill.
  • Workers may phone 911 to make contact with OESO for telephone guidance or help cleaning the spill. OESO will respond to large spills which can be beyond the capability of employees in the vicinity of the spill.

Equipment Required:
Chemotherapy/hazardous drug spill kit (available from Pharmacy Store Room at 919-681-5364), including:

  • Tyvek dress or coveralls
  • Shoe covers
  • Splash goggles
  • Two sets chemotherapy tested disposable gloves
  • Absorbent Shields
  • Information with removable scraper for collecting glass fragments
  • Two 5 gallon plastic waste disposal bags
  • One Ziploc bag for coming back contaminated splash goggles to Pharmacy
  • Dangerous Drug Waste labels
  • Alarm nearby individuals concerning the spill. Pregnant staff members shall keep the region during tidy up.
  • In the event that spilled medication got on any person's skin, eyes, or clothing, see supplemental info below (*).
  • Restrict threat of extra skin contact with the spilled medication.
  • Get chemotherapy/hazardous medicines pour kit.
  • Wear protection goggles and double gloves from system. If spill requires above 5 mL or covers one or more square foot (or, for smaller spills, at the discretion of the individual washing the spill), apply Tyvek dress and shoe covers (or coveralls) from kit. Tuck sleeves to the exterior gloves.
  • If you can find broken glass fragments, use the detachable scraper to carefully "sweep" them or other sharps to the information. Spot these sharps in a needle package.
  • Utilize the absorbent shields to carefully cover and wipe up the spilled material. If additional absorbent material is needed, use plastic lined blue pads (chux) or other readily available products. Destination utilized absorbent in another of the clear 5-gallon bags from spill system.
  • Cleanse the region completely with liquid. Throwaway materials utilized in this step is going to the available bag from spill kit.
  • Cleanse the region 3 times using a detergent option, then wash. (Housekeeping could be called in for this ONLY.)
  • Place any polluted medical center linens in a hospital washing bag.
  • Place other (individual) polluted clothing in a sealed synthetic bag. If it will be laundered, dual case for transportation, after that wash two times before combining along with other washing. If it'll be discarded, put it in the open bag from spill kit.
  • Eliminate the footwear covers (if made use of) and external couple of gloves. Place these in to the available bag from spill system.
  • Eliminate the goggles and put all of them in to the available bag from spill system. (alternatively, goggles might be cleaned and reused.)
  • Near the available waste case (by knotting or using perspective tie or tape), after that put it into the 2nd clear 5-gallon bag from the spill kit.
  • Take away the Tyvek dress (or coveralls) and inner gloves. Spot these to the second case from the spill system. Close the exterior bag.
  • Wash arms completely.
  • Browse carefully for proper waste disposal (Improper disposal can mean big fines) :
    Nursing & healthcare analysis: If medication is given below, determine a place in which the bag can be left for some days without getting moved or thrown inside garbage. Contact the Occupational and ecological Safety workplace (OESO) at 919-684-2794 to prepare for waste pick-up. Be prepared to give the name for the medicine, location of the waste case, therefore the name and cell phone number for a responsible one who should be available during business hours. Fill in the blanks in the "dangerous Drug spend" labels and place all of them on bag, after that put bag in area described to OESO.
    These are the medicines that really must be treated as explained above:
    Chlorambucil (Leukeran)
    Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxin)
    Daunorubicin (Daunomycin, Cerubidine)
    Melphalan (Alkeran)
    Mitomycin (Mitomycin C, Mutamycin)
    Streptozocin (Zanosar, Streptozotocin)
    Uracil mustard (Uramustine, U-8344)
    Arsenic Trioxide
    If the medication just isn't on the preceding list, place the knotted case of spill waste directly into a biohazard container (WITHOUT labels).
  • Call the Pharmacy store-room at 919-681-5364 to have an upgraded chemotherapy/ hazardous drug spill system.
  • Nursing staff should bag and label any contaminated pumps and deliver to Pharmacy.
  • Follow stating processes into the extra tips below(**).
  • Supplemental Information

    *Obvious contamination of gloves, clothes, skin or eyes is going to be treated below:

    Pull polluted gloves or clothes (if relevant).

  • Clean the affected epidermis location with detergent (not germicidal cleaner) and lukewarm liquid. For attention publicity, instantly flush the affected eye with water or isotonic eyewash (or typical saline) for at the least fifteen minutes.
  • For direct skin or attention contact,
  • Obtain medical attention as quickly as possible. Staff members is going to Worker Occupational health and wellbeing or the Emergency Dept.
  • Fill in the correct event report form and submit below:
    • Staff members that exposed must fill in a study of Work-Related Injury/Illness and deliver to Worker wellness.
    • If diligent injury occurs, inform drugstore Quality Improvement ( pager 919-970-2494 ) and possibility control ( pager 919-970-2404 ) immediately.
    • If a visitor is revealed, notify Risk Management.
  • Inform the appropriate area supervisor.
  • **Reporting Demands for ALL Incidents During Individual Treatment:

    Any drug spill during diligent therapy should be reported in the Safety Reporting program.

    About these instructions as soon as they should be used:

    These directions are provided with hazardous drugs spill kits to ensure, whenever feasible, spills of LIQUID dangerous medications are managed by employees in your community regarding the spill. Hazardous medicines are the ones marked "Chemotherapy" or "Dangerous drug" because of the drugstore.

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