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Acid spill neutralizer

Acid NeutralizerHas an obvious shade change to symbolize total neutralization of acids. Absorbs and solidifies acids.

An acid spill needs instant action. When you have acids inside facility or tend to be a delivery or transport organization that handles acids, becoming unprepared for a spill could happen into a major hazmat response from your own neighborhood fire division. If you're ready, insurance firms acid neutralizer on hand, you can counteract a small spill in about 10 minutes.

Acidic spills can be extremely dangerous to your employees when they don't have the proper resources to manage and tidy up a spill. Maybe not for usage with hydrofluoric acid.

Ideal for forklift battery changing places or everywhere battery pack acid spills could occur.

Green. Our acid neutralizer be useful 5-gallon pails or sealed cartons which can make it easy so that you can transport and dispense the absorbent. Avoid bagged acid absorbents that could easily rip or get damp.

Quickly train employees to utilize. Simply spread the neutralizer in the spill, work product in to the spill with a broom, add more if needed. When the spill is wholly neutralized the dust changes shade.

Quick Overview

  • Makes it possible to comply with DOT/EPA/OSHA regulations
  • Power changes color signifying complete neutralization of acids
  • solidifies and absorbs liquids
  • Water evidence 5 gallon pail
  • Save very well shipping - FOB nearest stock.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Simple to transport and dispense
  • Prevents harm acid could cause to equipment and home
  • Very easy to teach workers to utilize
  • Safeguards staff members from acid spills
  • Not to be used with hydrofluoric acid
  • Affordable - Save with our affordable prices

Technical Info

Not to be used with Hydrofluoric acid
Digests and solidifies fluids
Changes shade when acids are entirely neutralized

Compliance Tips

29 CFR 1910.22(a)(2)

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