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YouTube BP oil spill

2010-05-31-P1100214.JPGMore than 1, 000 protesters gathered across from Jackson Square in brand new Orleans these days (10, 000 in Fox Information numbers), this YouTube speech by activist Ian Hoch may seem like one thing John Goodman's Creighton Burnette would say in an excellent rant. The best moment? "I do not even know easily LIKE fishing!" 5 minutes in. A few chants of "Ian for governor" can be heard at the conclusion, plus in Louisiana politics stranger things have actually occurred.

The Stop the BP Oil Flood rally showcased speakers Phyllis Montana-LeBlanc and Dr. John, both who have been showcased in Treme, and Spike Lee, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Tim Robbins had been in attendance. Speakers included George Barisch of the United Commercial Fishermans Association; Evan Wolf, a Louisiana National Guardsman active in the cleaning; Dean Blanchard of Dean Blanchard Seafood; Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper Paul Orr; Cliff Johnson of Southeast Louisiana Shrimp Alliance, Prof. John P. Clark and Rex Dingler of NoLa Rising. Question of Trust talked about tresses booms which hopefully may be approved eventually, and Hazardous spend Operations and crisis Response Trainer Roger Ivins provided free education to anybody contemplating coastal cleanup. As background music within the video, you are able to hear the Nachez calliope playing regarding the Mississippi River behind the rally.

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