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Oil spills in the Great Barrier Reef

Reports have actually emerged of an oil spill that could be so long as 20 kilometres close to the iconic Great Barrier Reef, only off the shore of North Queensland

a spokesperson from Transport and principal Roads told frequent Mail Australia that there are 'unconfirmed reports of oil regarding the liquid south of Townsville'

'We can confirm some spots of oily water being sighted into the liquid south of Townsville, ' the maritime expert said in a statement.

'a liquid authorities vessel from Townsville and crisis Management Queensland helicopter examined and reported a sheen on water and tiny oily patches about 1 metre in diameter.

'An Australian Maritime security Authority specialised plane out of Cairns will be tasked for an early on early morning assessment tomorrow of ocean location as well as of the islands and coastline in the basic areas.

'Maritime Safety Queensland has actually oil air pollution sources and staff on standby if required in Townsville along with other harbors. Other agencies will also be prepared to activate sources.'

Transport and Main Roads have asked a vessel from the Queensland Water Police to do an on-site assessment (STOCK IMAGE)

A Transport and principal roadways spokeswoman told constant Mail Australian Continent the main points for the spill had not yet been verified.

'we are investigating but up to now have not had the opportunity to ensure the clear presence of any oil, ' the spokeswoman stated.

'A Customs aircraft ended up being not able to locate the reported oil today therefore we are organizing for the next aerial helicopter journey this afternoon.'

Queensland's worst spill were held in March, 2009, when oil washed-up on shores regarding the Sunshine Coast

It took over 16 months and 1425 people to clean the spill, and cost significantly more than $4 million

The representative stated at this time, a southbound vessel has actually surveyed the area but no oil had been seen.

Queensland's worst spill took place in March, 2009, whenever 60 kilometres of coastline was included in oil from the MV Adventurer, which lost 100, 000 litres of gasoline in a major accident.

Significantly more than 60kms, including Moreton Island, Bribie Island and south components of the sun's rays Coast, were announced 'disaster areas' as a result of the slick.

It took more than 16 months and 1425 people to cleanup the spill, and cost significantly more than $4 million.

The spokesperson said at this stage, a southbound vessel features surveyed the region but no oil was observed

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