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Oil spill Trust Fund

  • containment,
  • cleaning, and
  • damages resulting from the spill.

EPA's first concern is to make sure that accountable functions spend to completely clean up unique oil releases. However, once the accountable celebration is as yet not known or does not want to pay, resources through the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund may be used to protect the price of removal or problems.

The primary way to obtain revenue when it comes to investment is a five-cents per barrel charge on imported and domestic oil. Number of this fee stopped on December 31, 1994, because a "sunset" supply in the legislation. Various other revenue sources for the fund feature:

  • interest regarding the fund,
  • price recovery from the events accountable for the spills, and
  • any fines or civil charges gathered.

The Fund provides as much as $1 billion for almost any one oil air pollution event, including to $500 million for initiation of normal resource damage assessments and statements associated with any single event. The primary utilizes of Fund expenses tend to be:

  • state access for treatment activities;
  • payments to national, state, and Indian tribe trustees to carry out natural resource harm tests and restorations;
  • payment of claims for uncompensated elimination prices and damages; and

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