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Oil Spill, Kalamazoo River

Enbridge Energy can move forward with intends to dredge a huge number of truck loads worth of polluted sediment through the Kalamazoo River - 135, 000 cubic yards to be specific. The cleaning is related to the pipeline organization’s 2010 oil spill.

On Monday night, Comstock Township’s preparation fee unanimously authorized the company’s plans to dredge. The hefty crude oil has actually broken-down and blended with the river deposit.

Enbridge had been expected to finish dredging contaminated lake deposit a couple of months ago, however it didn't meet up with the deadline simply as the first set of architectural plans it had in Comstock Township were refused last summer time.

The township said the operation ended up being too near domiciles and companies, among other reasons.

About a dozen residents came to the conference to raise particular issues about air pollution, smells and noise.

However in the conclusion, the problems weren't enough to stop the short-term operation in an area zoned for hefty production.

“i really do believe this is the most readily useful website out of all the people that people viewed with the very least quantity of impact, ” Township Supervisor Ann Nieuwenhuis stated. “And what’s most significant is the fact that the lake could get clean.”

“All of work is going to be done beneath the oversight of this federal and state regulators, and any remarks or concerns or concerns, we’ll do our best to address those besides, " Enbridge spokeswoman Lorraine minimal said after the vote.

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