Oil pollution analysis based

Oil spill detection


The tool-making your oil spill contingency more efficient and dependable – day-and-night

Remote sensing of oil spills has grown to become a fundamental piece of oil spill contingency internationally:
• Surveillance, providing very early spill caution
• Verification and characterization, supporting your decision on how to respond
• Aid for navigation, for almost all the time procedure and oil recovery effectiveness

The Miros OSD™ system is used from overseas installations, vessels or coast based programs, either as a separate system or as a part of a sensor system. Information offered by Miros OSD™ is a vital contribution into the common working image. While satellite and airborne systems cover a more substantial area, the Miros OSD™ program provides continuous regional surveillance. Recovery operations is continued, even yet in darkness so when no aerial information are available.

OSDScreenDumpMiros provides a radar based OSD option, which can be thoroughly tested in oil-on-water exercises since 2004. Miros OSD™ has successfully directed reaction functions in real oil spill situations, and has a rapidly growing customers across the world.

The radar based system has fully automated detection, giving oil spill position, tracking and dimension of drift. Miros OSD™ can function in the majority of exposure conditions on a twenty-four hour foundation, and it has become an essential tool for navigating the data recovery vessel and boom effectively towards oil slick.

oil_boom3Making use of thermal (IR) imaging, recognition for the thickest the main oil slick becomes available. This contributes when estimating the magnitude associated with spill and makes it possible for concentrating on the reaction effort into the part of the slick in which the most oil is available.


• Early and automated oil spill recognition.
• Oil spill location, move path and rate.
• Wave, wind and surface present information.
• procedure in darkness, fog and poor exposure.
• Infrared digital camera for manual oil detection
• Export to electric chart systems.


• Small-sized system computer system.
• Integrated video digitizer, very easy to install.
• links to present marine X-band radar.
• using current gyro, GPS and wind sensors.

REGIONS OF utilize

• Stand-by and oil data recovery vessels.
• Coast guard vessels.

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