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Nowruz oil spill

The largest oil spill ever hitting the Persian Gulf now threatens major economic and ecological injury to eight gulf nations, national and business officials said yesterday.

The spill is from a group of overseas wellhead blowouts that have gushed unchecked into the Iran-Iraq war area for 2 months and produced a slick of 1, 200 to 4, 500 square kilometers.

With restoration crews denied safe conduct to the war zone, the price of spill from five uncapped Iranian wellheads in the region of Kharg Island within north end of gulf has already reached up to 7, 500 drums per day. A slick 300 miles long and 4 to 15 miles large was stated yesterday to own achieved the shores of Qatar regarding Arabian Peninsula.

''This spill may become a major disaster the region unless Iran and Iraq can started to some contract on safe passageway for cleaning and capping professionals, '' stated Richard Golob, manager associated with Center for Short-Lived Phenomena in Cambridge, Mass. 'Grave Dangers' Posed

The guts, a specialist on oil air pollution, has had reports from Arab and United states officials regarding spill since February. Mr. Golob said there was indeed no reports of substantial seafood or waterfowl kills, but he said the spill posed ''grave dangers'' to fisheries, desalination flowers and power plants and marine and producers of the gulf nations.

Besides Iran and Iraq, the countries regarding the gulf tend to be Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Booms and other obstacles have already been erected around water purification flowers in Bahrain, Qatar while the United Arab Emirates.

Talks on combatting the spill plus precautions against damage from the slick were held yesterday in Abu Dhabi, capital for the United Arab Emirates. Other talks tend to be planned.

In Washington, Senator Charles H. Percy, president for the Foreign Relations Committee, yesterday urged Iran and Iraq to stop firing to allow the capping of wellheads. The Illinois Republican also urged america to give you technical experts and satellite photographs towards the Kuwait-based Regional business for coverage of aquatic Environment, the main gulf team trying to facilitate the capping. A Tangle of Interests

A situation division spokesman declined to discuss the situation, that has become a tangle of diplomatic, ecological, military and economic passions. Many experts believe the control regarding the spill will set legal and practical precedents among countries facing pollution situations that cross international boundaries.

The spill is focused in Nowruz Oil Field, an area 40 kilometers northeast of Kharg Island. It began Feb. 4 whenever high winds and hefty seas toppled a rig and uncapped a well that were closed for 2 many years since being struck by a tanker. Some 1, 000 to 2, 000 drums every day are gushing from that really, and Mr. Golob stated Iran's attempts to hire American and other experts to limit it turned out frustrated by Iraq's refusal to permit safe conduct toward well.

On March 2, Iraqi helicopter gunships greatly damaged seven various other Iranian wells in identical location. Safety valves automatically capped three of wells, but four other individuals have been dripping at a combined price of 25, 000 to 30, 000 barrels each day.

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