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National oil spill Contingency Plan

Cabinet has approved a brand new want to mitigate the effect of oil spills on land plus in marine places across Trinidad and Tobago. The National Oil Spill Contingency Arrange (NOSCP) which was approved on January 31, 2013 is designed to mitigate the effect of most oil spills on the environment by setting specific requirements for oil spill equipment stockpiles, establishing time frames for oil spill reaction and increasing collaboration among lover companies. Several steps into the program with need impact straight away with full execution expected because of the start of 2014.

The development of the NOSCP coincides using the prize of two Blocks to bpTT overseas the East Coast of Trinidad in May 2012 and the future signings of agreements with BHP Billiton and their particular lovers for the next four deepwater blocks. It's experienced that increased research and production task warrants an increase in precautionary measures especially in light of significant oil spill incident in the Gulf of Mexico this year.

Underneath the plan, deepwater drilling operators will now be asked to show accessibility to a containment limit system to arrest a sub-sea blow-out event, plus the availability of yet another rig to drill a relief well to effectively secure the uncontained fine. Providers would also require Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) in country, help vessels to transport and deploy this gear and accessibility vessels for fire-fighting in the case of a fire/explosion occasion.

Measures underneath the NOSCP include the purchase and implementation of surveillance and monitoring technologies to see obligation in case of a spill. Education exercises recommended in NOSCP offer options for more regular conversation between first responder companies such as the ecological Management Authority (EMA), the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA), the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard and Trinidad and Tobago Air Guard (TTAG).

The NOSCP was developed because of the National Hydrocarbon and Chemical Spills Contingency Plan (NHCSCP) Committee that has been led by the Ministry Of Energy and Energy Industries, contains eleven (11) Government Ministries and Agencies working alongside eight (8) significant upstream and downstream Energy Companies.

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