A vessel skims surface oil

Macondo oil spill

Cover imagePhytoplankton biomass ended up being 85percent low in 2010 versus baseline.

The phytoplankton community moved towards diatoms and cyanobacteria and away from ciliates and phytoflagellates.

Trophic impacts remain as yet not known.

The Macondo oil spill had been likely the greatest oil spill to ever occur in US territorial seas. We report herein our results evaluating the readily available standard phytoplankton information from seaside oceans western of this Mississippi River, and examples gathered month-to-month from the same sampling channels, during and after the oil spill (May–October, 2010). Our outcomes indicate that overall, the phytoplankton abundance had been 85percent lower in 2010 versus the baseline, hence the types structure associated with phytoplankton neighborhood moved towards diatoms and cyanobacteria and far from ciliates and phytoflagellates. The results with this study reaffirm the view that phytoplankton reactions vary because of the regular time of oil spill and also the certain structure for the spilled oil. The trophic impacts associated with purported reduced abundance of phytoplankton this season plus the noticed assemblage change continue to be unidentified.


  • Deepwater Horizon;
  • Gulf coast of florida;
  • Phytoplankton;
  • Protozoans

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