A slippery decision: Chevron

Chevron oil spill Ecuador


For more than three decades, Chevron features chosen profit over-people.

While drilling for oil in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest region, Texaco – which merged with Chevron in 2001 – operated without issue the environment or neighborhood residents. The business intentionally dumped billions of gallons of poisonous wastewater into streams and channels, spilled an incredible number of gallons of crude oil, and abandoned dangerous waste in hundreds of unlined open-air pits littered through the entire area. The result is extensive devastation of this rainforest ecosystem and regional native communities, and another for the worst ecological disasters ever.

Because Chevron's toxic contamination of the earth, streams and channels, and groundwater, neighborhood indigenous and campesino communities continue steadily to endure an epidemic of cancer, birth flaws, miscarriages, alongside disorders. Chevron has not done a meaningful cleanup associated with mess it is responsible for, and its particular infrastructure consistently poison the communities of this Ecuadorian Amazon.

Today, over 30, 000 Ecuadorians are fighting for justice with a global campaign and a landmark course activity lawsuit in Ecuadorian process of law. Despite Chevron's duplicated attempts to sabotage the test, your local folks remain determined to put on Chevron accountable, demanding clean-up prices and compensation for devastation the organization caused.

Since 2002, Amazon Watch and our tidy up Ecuador Campaign has been using the services of investors, customers, along with other worried individuals to support justice for communities regarding the Ecuadorian Amazon.

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