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BP Response to oil spill

Tony HaywardTony Hayward's comments in a Guardian interview made the business look aloof and unconcerned about ecological damage. Photograph: Gerald Herbert/AP

The general public relations strategy for working with a tragedy such as the gulf coast of florida spill, now officially the worst in US history, was always likely to be about damage limitation.

With every failure to stem the flow, BP's credibility has taken another blow.

But in some instances, BP's response makes the problem even worse. In a job interview with the BBC a month ago, leader Tony Hayward attemptedto move the blame the accident toward US owner of this sunken rig, Transocean. "This was not our accident … this is perhaps not our drilling rig ... this is Transocean's rig. Their particular systems. Their particular folks. Their gear." BP hit officers briefing reporters that few days repeated the line that "this was maybe not our accident". Never ever mind that investigations into just what caused the accident had barely started, with BP, Transocean and also the company in control of cementing the well, Halliburton, all pointing the little finger at each and every various other.

Weeks later on, after BP provided details of a unique preliminary findings into the reason behind the accident, a more contrite Hayward stated: "some businesses may take place, including BP, and it's also too very early – and not to united states – to state who is at fault."

Nevertheless the damage was indeed done, as BP seemed to be attempting to duck responsibility. Duncan John, a partner at StrategicFit, a technique consultancy for the power industry, praised BP for spelling away how most likely all of their attempts to halt the spill were to function. But warned: "Communication over the degree of these duty plus the consequences may run the risk of aggravating a currently sceptical public or even carefully handled."

Final month, Hayward additionally made some ill-advised commentary in an interview utilizing the Guardian which obtained widespread coverage worldwide. Asked about the quantity of oil and dispersant streaming to the gulf, he reacted: "The Gulf of Mexico is a rather huge ocean. The actual quantity of volume of oil and dispersant we're putting engrossed is small concerning the total liquid volume." While theoretically correct, the feedback made the company appear aloof and unconcerned about the environmental harm being carried out.

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