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Doug Meffert, Executive Director Audubon Louisiana:
Cat Island was really one of several four largest Rookeries in Louisiana for Brown pelicans, snowy egrets, roseate spoonbills, minimum terns and a number of other shorebirds.

Now it’s simply a fragile remnant of just what it used to be.

P. J. Hahn, Former Coastal Zone Director, Plaquemines Parish National:
This season, prior to the oil spill this was a pristine area with 8-foot mangroves. It absolutely was approximately around 5.5- nearly 6 miles. It was perfect nesting floor for migratory birds in the wintertime in search of locations to nest for the springtime.

The oil spill hit that small islands had been right here to greet the oil.

Natalie Peyronnin, Director of Science Policy, Ecological Defense Fund:
The oil will come in; it eliminates the mangroves, which then eliminates the source system. Additionally the origins tend to be what’s keeping collectively this area. Without that root system holding together the sediment, it just erodes away.

In just 5 years we’ve seen this island almost disappear and most likely because of the after that anniversary this area will likely to be gone.

P. J. Hahn, Past Coastal Zone Director, Plaquemines Parish National:
The U.S. Wildlife and Fishery studies also show, that girls whenever they’re born will imprint to these islands. Therefore every year they go back to similar location they born to reproduce and nest again.

The research in addition suggests that when the wild birds return here, if the area is fully gone, they don’t stop and breed someplace else, they simply don’t type. Therefore we’re losing generation after generation of birds.

Natalie Peyronnin, Director of Science Plan, Ecological Defense Fund:
This is certainly really the longest working environmental disasters in america.

5 years later, oil remains coming ashore her and will still come ashore right here as boffins are finding enormous tar balls and oil nonetheless continuing to be in the bottom associated with the gulf. Finally what this implies later on we don’t understand.

We understand as soon as the oil spill hit, in the first 95 days, over 800, 000 birds perished. What does which means that for the long-term stability of those communities?

P. J. Hahn, Former Coastal Zone Director, Plaquemines Parish National:
We also had some unusual and endangered birds which were really nesting away here now, nothing. They’re all gone.

Natalie Peyronnin, Director of Science Policy, Ecological Defense Fund:
There clearly was an attempt to restore this area and bring the sediment back and the mangroves straight back.

Anytime we don’t start performing restoration today in surroundings that were oiled, the harder that is going to be. it is going to just take more resources, additional money to create back what was indeed there before the oil spill.

Doug Meffert, Executive Director Audubon Louisiana:
Having this reduction from sea-level increase, from normal erosion and be exacerbated by the BP Oil Spill, in my opinion it truly is in ways the canary in coal mine for the habitats that will be threatened next couple of decades.

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