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BP oil spill Timeline

The ensuing list includes significant oil spills since 1967. The circumstances surrounding the spill, level of oil spilled, and also the attendant environmental harm can also be given.

1967 March 18, Cornwall, Eng.: Torrey Canyon went aground, spilling 38 million gallons of crude oil off the Scilly isles. 1976 Dec. 15, Buzzards Bay, Mass.: Argo Merchant went aground and smashed aside southeast of Nantucket Island, spilling its whole cargo of 7.7 million gallons of fuel oil. 1977 April, North-Sea: blowout of really in Ekofisk oil industry leaked 81 million gallons. 1978 March 16, off Portsall, France: wrecked supertanker Amoco Cadiz spilled 68 million gallons, causing widespread ecological harm over 100 mi of Brittany coastline. 1979 June 3, gulf coast of florida: exploratory oil well Ixtoc 1 blew aside, spilling an estimated 140 million gallons of crude oil into the open sea. Although it is among the biggest understood oil spills, it had a reduced ecological impact. July 19, Tobago: the Atlantic Empress as well as the Aegean Captain collided, spilling 46 million gallons of crude. While being towed, the Atlantic Empress spilled an extra 41 million gallons off Barbados on Aug. 2. 1980 March 30, Stavanger, Norway: floating hotel in North Sea folded, killing 123 oil workers. 1983 Feb. 4, Persian Gulf, Iran: Nowruz Field system spilled 80 million gallons of oil. Aug. 6, Cape Town, South Africa: the Spanish tanker Castillo de Bellver caught fire, spilling 78 million gallons of oil off the shore. 1988 July 6, North Sea off Scotland: 166 employees killed in explosion and fire on Occidental Petroleum's Piper Alpha rig in North-Sea; 64 survivors. It's the earth's worst offshore oil disaster. Nov. 10, Saint John's, Newfoundland: Odyssey spilled 43 million gallons of oil. 1989 March 24, Prince William Sound, Alaska: tanker Exxon Valdez struck an undersea reef and spilled 10 million–plus gallons of oil into the water. Dec. 19, off Las Palmas, the Canary Islands: explosion in Iranian supertanker, the Kharg-5, caused 19 million gallons of crude oil to pour into Atlantic Ocean about 400 mi north of Las Palmas, creating a 100-square-mile oil slick. 1990 June 8, off Galveston, Tex.: Mega Borg released 5.1 million gallons of oil some 60 nautical kilometers south-southeast of Galveston as a consequence of an explosion and subsequent fire when you look at the pump room. 1991 Jan. 23–27, south Kuwait: through the Persian Gulf War, Iraq intentionally released 240–460 million gallons of crude oil into the Persian Gulf from tankers 10 mi off Kuwait. Spill had small armed forces importance. On Jan. 27, U.S. warplanes bombed pipe systems to stop the movement of oil. April 11, Genoa, Italy: Haven spilled 42 million gallons of oil in Genoa slot. May 28, Angola: ABT Summer exploded and leaked 15–78 million gallons of oil off the coast of Angola. It's not obvious how much sank or burned. 1992 March 2, Fergana Valley, Uzbekistan: 88 million gallons of oil spilled from an oil fine. 1993 Aug. 10, Tampa Bay, Fla.: three ships collided, the barge Bouchard B155, the freighter Balsa 37, and the barge Ocean 255. The Bouchard spilled an estimated 336, 000 gallons of # 6 fuel oil into Tampa Bay. 1994 Sept. 8, Russia: dam created to contain oil explosion and spilled oil into Kolva River tributary. U.S. Energy Department estimated pour at 2 million drums. Russian state-owned oil company reported spill was only 102, 000 drums. 1996 Feb. 15, off Welsh coastline: supertanker Sea Empress went aground at interface of Milford Haven, Wales, spewed out 70, 000 tons of crude oil, and created a 25-mile slick. 1999 Dec. 12, French Atlantic coastline: Maltese-registered tanker Erika smashed aside and sank off Britanny, spilling 3 million gallons of hefty oil to the water. 2000 Jan. 18, off Rio de Janeiro: ruptured pipeline possessed by government oil organization, Petrobras, spewed 343, 200 gallons of heavy oil into Guanabara Bay. Nov. 28, Mississippi River south of New Orleans: oil tanker Westchester destroyed energy and went aground near Port Sulphur, La., dumping 567, 000 gallons of crude oil into lower Mississippi. Spill ended up being biggest in U.S. seas since Exxon Valdez catastrophe in March 1989. 2002 Nov. 13, Spain: status suffered a damaged hull and was towed to ocean and sank. Most of the 20 million gallons of oil remains underwater. 2003 July 28, Pakistan: The Tasman Spirit, a tanker, ran aground near the Karachi port, and in the end cracked into two pieces. Certainly one of its four oil tanks burst open, dripping 28, 000 a lot of crude oil into the ocean. 2004 Dec. 7, Unalaska, Aleutian Islands, Alaska: A major storm forced the M/V Selendang Ayu up onto a rocky coast, breaking it in two. 337, 000 gallons of oil had been released, most of which was driven on the shoreline of Makushin and Skan Bays. 2005 Aug.-Sept., New Orleans, Louisiana: The coast-guard estimated more than 7 million gallons of oil were spilled during Hurricane Katrina from numerous resources, including pipelines, storage tanks and professional flowers. 2006 June 19, Calcasieu River, Louisiana: around 71, 000 barrels of waste oil had been circulated from a tank at the CITGO Refinery from the Calcasieu River during a violent rainfall violent storm. July 15, Beirut, Lebanon: The Israeli navy bombs the Jieh coast power station, and between three million and ten million gallons of oil leaks into the sea, affecting almost 100 miles of shoreline. A coastal blockade, a direct result the war, significantly hampers outside clean-up attempts. August 11th, Guimaras island, The Philippines: A tanker carrying 530, 000 gallons of oil basins off the coastline for the Philippines, putting the united states's fishing and tourism sectors at great threat. The ship sinks in deep-water, making it practically unrecoverable, plus it continues to produce oil in to the sea as various other countries are called directly into help in the massive clean-up energy. 2007 December 7, South Korea: Oil spill causes ecological catastrophe, destroying beaches, finish birds and oysters with oil, and driving away tourists using its stench. The Hebei Spirit collides with a steel cable linking a tug vessel and barge five kilometers off South Korea's west coast, spilling 2.8 million gallons of crude oil. Seven thousand individuals are attempting to clean up 12 miles of oil-coated coast. 2008 July 25, brand new Orleans, Louisiana: A 61-foot barge, carrying 419, 000 gallons of heavy gasoline, collides with a 600-foot tanker ship in Mississippi River near brand new Orleans. Hundreds of thousands of gallons of gasoline leak from the barge, causing a halt to any or all lake traffic while cleanup attempts commence to reduce environmental fallout on local wildlife. 2009 March 11, Queensland, Australian Continent: During Cyclone Hamish, unsecured cargo aboard the container ship MV Pacific Adventurer arrived loose on deck and caused the release of 52, 000 gallons of hefty gasoline and 620 a lot of ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer, in to the Coral Sea. About 60 km regarding the Sunshine Coast was covered in oil, prompting the closing of half the location's shores. 2010 Jan. 23, Port Arthur, Tx: The oil tanker Eagle Otome and a barge collide in Sabine-Neches Waterway, inducing the release of about 462, 000 gallons of crude oil. Ecological damage ended up being minimal as about 46, 000 gallons were restored and 175, 000 gallons were dispersed or evaporated, in line with the U.S. Coast Guard. April 24, gulf: The Deepwater Horizon, a semi-submersible drilling rig, sank on April 22, after an April 20th explosion on the vessel. Eleven individuals passed away when you look at the blast. If the rig sank, the riser—the 5, 000-foot-long pipeline that links the wellhead toward rig—became detached and began leaking oil. In addition, U.S. coast-guard detectives discovered a leak in the wellhead itself. Whenever 60, 000 drums of oil a day were leaking to the water, threatening wildlife across the Louisiana Coast. Homeland protection Secretary Janet Napolitano declared it a "spill of national importance." BP (Brit Petroleum), which leased the Deepwater Horizon, is in charge of the cleanup, nevertheless U.S. Navy provided the company with sources to assist contain the slick. Oil achieved the Louisiana coast on April 30, impacted about 125 miles of coast. By early Summer, oil had in addition achieved Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. It's the biggest oil spill in U.S. history.

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