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BP oil spill statistics

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4.9 million: drums of oil (205.8 million gallons) leaked from Deepwater Horizon really, approximately half the actual quantity of crude oil the U.S. imports daily

19: instances much more oil leaked from Deepwater Horizon than spilled through the Exxon Valdez in 1989 (10.8 million gallons)

62, 000: Barrels leaking a day when the wellhead first broke, roughly the actual quantity of oil consumed in Delaware every day

53, 000: drums dripping daily once the well ended up being capped on July 15, about the quantity of oil consumed in Rhode Island daily

397.7 million: Dollars' worth associated with oil spilled at current market rates ($81.17 per barrel)

665: Miles of coast contaminated by oil

The Cleaning

16.5 million: Gallons of oil chemically dispersed by nationwide Incident Command

32.9 million: Gallons of oil normally dispersed, therefore it offers broken into droplets smaller compared to the diameter of a human locks

51.5 million: Gallons of oil evaporated or dissolved. This differs from natural dispersion because as opposed to wearing down into small droplets, the oil breaks apart molecularly and dissolves into the water.

6.2 million: Gallons of oil skimmed from the Gulf by the a lot more than 830 skimming vessels utilized in the response

35 million: Gallons directly restored from the wellhead into vessels through riser pipe and top-hat systems

11.4 million: Gallons of oil happens to be eliminated by a number of 411 controlled burns

53.5 million: Gallons of oil nonetheless continuing to be into the liquid or washed ashore

95.6 million: prospective gallons of gasoline leaked from the wellhead (around 19.5 gallons of fuel are based on one barrel of oil). That's about one-fourth of everyday consumption in the us.

10.4 million: ft of sorbent boon (8.7 million) and containment increase (2.7 million) currently implemented to retain the oil

1.8 million: Gallons of both surface and subsea dispersant employed by Unified Incident Command

28, 900: final amount of workers at this time implemented responding into the spill. On July 8, 47, 000 people have been deployed.

57, 539: Square miles of Gulf oceans that continue to be shut to fishing

In Attitude

184, 181: circumstances you could drive a Toyota Prius (48 mpg highway) across the world within equator with the lost oil

69, 068: Times you could drive a Hummer H3 (18 mpg highway) all over planet

311: Olympic-size pools that might be full of the oil that leaked from Deepwater Horizon

13, 208: domiciles that could have been heated for starters 12 months (approximately 2 gallons of home heating oil are manufactured from 1 barrel, with a typical United states household utilizing 742 gallons per year)

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