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Maritime and Coastguard departmentImage copyright Maritime and Coastguard Agency Image caption Aerial pictures of this spill were taken because of the Maritime and Coastguard department at noon on Sunday

An oil spill from a BP system off Shetland has been "rapidly dispersed naturally", the energy monster has said.

Around 95 tonnes of oil was launched in to the water from the Clair platform on Sunday.

BP stated the leak ended up being "continuing to move in a northerly way far from land".

The business stated: "Surveillance data suggests the full total number of oil continuing to be regarding the sea surface to be not as much as one cubic metre."

BP stated this indicated "significant evaporation and dispersion already".

The company added: "Initial conclusions from our ecological evaluation work, which looks at neighborhood seabird, cetacean and fish communities, shows that the influence regarding the launch will probably be minimal."

The Clair platform is 75km (46 miles) western of Shetland. It was power down after the drip.

Image copyright laws Maritime and Coastguard department Image copyright laws Maritime and Coastguard Agency Image copyright laws Maritime and Coastguard department

Early in the day, MSPs had been informed it's "lucky" that more severe harm was not done towards environment.

Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham stated preliminary surveillance showed the oil was transferring a north-easterly path and most suitable response was to allow the oil to disperse normally.

The surroundings secretary in addition stated there had been one single incident, in place of a continuing drip.

She described the leak to be "at the absolute minimum when it comes to what may have taken place".

Ms Cunningham stated: "i do believe we've been incredibly happy."

She stated: "My major issue is obviously the marine environment and I also have already been ensured this kind of event has actually minimal danger for the marine environment."

She also exhausted the necessity of the oil and gas industry to Scotland's economic climate, saying: "It is important that we do increase recovery through the North Sea but, of course, we have to accomplish that in an accountable and efficient manner."

WWF Scotland director Lang Banks said: "the surroundings assistant is appropriate when she claims we have been exceptionally happy.

"However, given the oil platform's close distance to an aquatic Protected Area, this drip should not have-been permitted to happen originally.

"regarding the gas and oil business, we're just ever one spill from an important pollution event and sometimes even worse. Until there is a complete investigation into how this spill took place BP shouldn't be permitted to resume operations on platform."

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