BP oil spill: 1 year later

BP oil spill facts and figures

11 system workers were killed once the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded on 20 April. Their health have not already been discovered, despite a three-day Coast Guard search procedure. Seventeen others had been hurt.

36 the amount of hours which is why Deepwater Horizon burned before it sank on the early morning of 22 April 2010.

4.9 million the full total drums of crude oil introduced ahead of the leak ended up being capped on 15 July. This will make Deepwater Horizon the largest oil spill having occurred in US-controlled oceans, surpassing the Exxon Valdez spill of 1989, which introduced 750, 000 drums.

4 million the sheer number of drums of crude oil it could simply take, according Harry Roberts of Louisiana State University, to "wipe out marine life deeply at water near the leak and in other places in the Gulf" and "along countless miles of coast".

1, 000 BP's preliminary forecast for the drip in barrels per day. The real figure was 53, 000.

5, 000 The depth below sea-level, in foot, from which Deepwater Horizon had been drilling at the time of the surge. It might function in seas as high as 8, 000ft detailed and drill since far-down 30, 000ft.

3, 850 The square-mile scatter for the leaked oil, which had landed along 125 kilometers of Louisiana's coastline by 4 June. Three weeks later on, oil started to wash-up on Pensacola Beach in Florida and also at the nearby Gulf isles National Seashore nature book.

50-60 The portion of the oil spill considered to have remained in the liquid. 35 % had been thought in a position to evaporate.

3 The percentage of this oil that it was possible to skim down. The rest must be removed with the use of various other techniques, eg burning, chemical dispersion and direct extraction.

125 The weight, in tonnes, of containment dome put across largest drip. Oil was then piped to a storage vessel at first glance. BP's preliminary containment method, this were unsuccessful whenever leaking gas combined with cold-water to create methane hydrate crystals, preventing the pipe way.

92, 000 the amount of clean-up recommendations gotten by BPs devoted oil spill helpline between May and June. 320 were categorised as encouraging. For the time being, some 170 US Coast Guard vessels, 7, 500 staff members, and 2, 000 volunteers was in fact involved with grassroots clean-up activity.

4, 768 The number of dead creatures built-up since 13 August: 4, 080 of those were birds and 525 ocean turtles.

8, 332-plus the amount of types living in the vicinity for the oil spill. This consists of the jeopardized Kemp's Ridley turtle, and above 1, 200 seafood, 200 wild birds, 1, 400 molluscs, 1, 500 crustaceans, and 29 marine animals and three various other ocean turtle specimens.

$2.5 billion preliminary estimated cost of the oil spill toward United States fishing business.

$1 billion the worthiness of this fish and shellfish harvested inside Gulf in 2008.

$23billion The predicted price, in line with the US Travel Association, regarding the oil spill towards the Gulf Coast traveler business, which currently hires well over 400, 000 men and women and makes $34bn income each year.

$25million the total amount contributed by BP to Florida in order to promote its shoreline. $15m million more ended up being assigned to Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi individually.

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