The BP oil spill

Deepwater Horizon oil spill report

"everyone else a part of the job...was entirely pleased..."
The Deepwater Horizon, the Macondo Well, and Sudden Death on gulf coast of florida

"Each oil well possesses its own personality"
This History of Offshore coal and oil in the United States

"it absolutely was like pulling teeth."
Oversight-and Oversights-in Regulating Deepwater Energy Exploration and manufacturing inside Gulf of Mexico

The Cause and Consequences of Catastrophe

"But, whom cares, it is done, end of tale, [we] will probably be good so we'll get a good cement task."
The Macondo Really additionally the Blowout

"you are in it now, as much as your throat!"
Response and Containment

"The worst environmental tragedy The united states features ever before faced"
Oiling a Rich Environment: Impacts and Evaluation

"individuals have program tiredness . . . they've been in the offing to death"
Recovery and Restoration

Business, Government, and Energy Plan

"security is certainly not proprietary"
Switching Business as always

"Develop options for guarding against, and mitigating the influence of, oil spills involving offshore drilling."

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